Allama Syed Abdullah Tariq

Syed Abdullah Tariq was born into a Muslim family in the year 1953. He secured a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) degree in 1974 from Aligarh Muslim University (India). Interestingly, he led the life of an atheist for almost a decade. His inquisitive mind was always in search of rational and logical answers to the questions related to the creation, the purpose of life, the mystery of death and injustice in this world. The search for these answers led him towards the religious scriptures and different ideologies of the world. He studied ideologies and philosophies like Marxism, secularism, socialism, democracy, capitalism, etc. to search for his answers. For many years he had followed communism.

The more he immersed himself in the study of the religious scriptures and different socio-political ideologies, the more the truth revealed to him. He realised that all the worldly ideologies and philosophies have many flaws. They were directly or indirectly professing the sovereignty of humans, pushing humans under the slavery of other humans. The prevalent worldly systems only made some humans superior and others inferior and brought divisions into society. This disturbed young Syed Abdullah Tariq a lot. He realised that the only thing that can emancipate humans from the slavery of other humans is the belief in God. Only this belief can unite humanity under the guidance, obedience and slavery of God. He realised that sovereignty can only belong to God. The understanding of various religious scriptures affirmed his faith and drew him to the truth of the oneness of God (Tawheed). The purpose of life and death unravelled to him and he accepted Islam once again, this time with complete conviction. This was the beginning of a beautiful journey dedicated to compassion activities, communal harmony, and religious understanding.

In an interesting turn of events, when Syed Abdullah Tariq was in the initial phase of religious studies, his quest for knowledge and wisdom led him to the doors of Acharya Maulana Shams Naved Usmani, who taught Allama Syed Abdullah Tariq about the truth of life. Acharya Maulana Shams Naved Usmani, a well-known scholar of the Qur’an and Hindu scriptures, had spent his lifetime in the detailed study of various religious scriptures. However, he had a hard time passing on this knowledge to the masses and regretted the absence of an heir to carry on his legacy. As the Creator works in mysterious ways, Maulana Usmani with no heir, and Syed Abdullah Tariq having a thirst to know more, united as a teacher and a student. The former shared all his knowledge with the latter and Syed Abdullah Tariq decided to dedicate his life to uniting mankind on the grounds of compassion. He understood that the true understanding of God is the unifying force that can bring humanity closer. He realised that all religions share a common root and one needs to reach that root to demolish the walls of hatred, enmity, differences, and division. From there will emerge the tree of true religion, dharma or deen.

This fortunate meeting with Maulana Usmani set the course of Syed Abdullah Tariq’s life towards the dissemination of religious knowledge intending to develop understanding, tolerance, and harmony amongst different communities of the world. Maulana Usmani was able to satiate the answers of young and curious Tariq. Maulana Usmani served as an inspiration to him and he, as a dedicated promising student, successfully carried his legacy and mission to spread the message of God to the world. Today, that small incident has charted a great journey to bring the masses closer to their Maker, their Creator. In the year 1987, Syed Abdullah Tariq took a major leap to invest his complete life into matters of deen, understanding of Qur’an and its connection with other major religious scriptures, and focusing full time on it.

Owing to the knowledge gained from his mentor and research, people soon began to call him
“Allama Syed Abdullah Tariq”


The decision to walk on the path of his Creator brought to his life several tests and hardships. Despite tough times, Allama Syed Abdullah Tariq did not allow faith and cheer to vanish from his life. Together with the support of his family and team, he persevered for the cause of Almighty Allah. By the will of God, every height that has attained is the result of his relentless devotion, innumerable sacrifices, and humility and wisdom – values that have been an inseparable part of his persona throughout these decades.

Described as a frolic and jolly person, Allama enjoys spending quality time with his family but due to his knowledge-committed and busy schedule, he hardly gets an opportunity to do the same. But whenever he gets a chance, he loves to make time out for his family and grandchildren. He has earned the respect and support of his family members who understand his mission and the importance of the work he is doing and have equally sacrificed for the same. Also, he takes pleasure in reading and researching. 


As a duty-bound Muslim, he has persistently stood up against wrongs in his immediate surroundings as well as in larger community circles.


He appreciates a simple lifestyle, disapproves of pompous celebrations, and believes in working for compassion towards setting a good example for society.


It was a tough job to summarise Allama Syed Abdullah Tariq’s deep involvement with society, his efforts for spiritual causes and his many achievements in a nutshell. We had a tough time gathering some of the pictures in evidence of our claims, as he does not keep a record of his activities.


The work of Allama Syed Abdullah Tariq is notable for his contribution to reminding Muslims of the Islamic teachings that they have gradually lost sight of. He has corrected both Muslim’s and non-Muslims’ perceptions of Islam and religions as a whole. He has planted the seeds of compassion and harmony among communities through his active fieldwork, lectures, and literary contributions. For his vast contribution to spiritual and social domains, he was acknowledged and honoured by individuals and institutions. Given below is a glimpse of the recognition he has received, the lectures he delivered and the events he attended.

He was venerated as a Guest of Honour on the occasion of Centenary Day of Union Hall by the Students’ Union of Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh on Feb 22, 2005.

He is among the few persons with Islamic faith to have conferred with “Sri Ram Kinkar Samman for 2009” for his brilliant work in communal harmony, in Ayodhya by Ramayanam Trust, Ayodhya on July 6, 2009.

He has been the ‘Guest of Honour’ in Indian Medical̥ Assocīatioṇ (IMA) program in Kanpur in June 2009.

He has been awarded as the “Best performer in Interfaith dialogue and communal harmony” by Delhi Minorities Commission in June 2020.

He has been awarded the “Certificate of Recognition for Messenger of Peace” by Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) (an NGO registered with the United Nations) on Sep 17, 2021.

He has been conferred Honorary Doctorate by National Medical College, Saharanpur (UP) on the topic Science of God, on Oct 30, 2022.

Participation in TV Programmes

Appeared in program ‘Islam ke Jharokhe se’ on Aman TV.

Appeared in many programmes on different TV channels.

Appeared in 15 lectures on Peace TV on different topics.


In his spiritual journey, Allama has been recognized, honored, awarded, and felicitated on various occasions by different organizations and individuals. Here we present a glimpse of some of the awards and mementos he received.

There is a lot to learn, and a lot to do in these tough times that the world is facing. A person like Allama Syed Abdullah Tariq appears as a bearer of the torch that could dispel the darkness of ignorance and lead us to the divine path. May Almighty guide us all to be on the straight path and accept the efforts of Allama and his team that they have been putting in to develop a God-conscious, truthful and compassionate society.