Science and Religion Series

 Science, God, and Islam

Theory of Evolution in the Creation of God

Allah’s Signs in the Universe

Qur’an and Rain | Who sends down Rain from the Sky

Scientific Discovery: Heart has a Brain of its Own

Ka’bah – Navel of the Earth

God’s knowledge vs man’s knowledge

 Proof of Allah’s existence

Big Bang Theory and Islam

Greatness of Allah in Universe

Is darkness Allah’s creation?

Allah’s Aayaah in Universe

Heart – The place where understanding and wisdom originates

The Scientification of Religions

The reason behind Stephen Hawking’s Denial of God

Conceptualization of Allah’s greatness

Six Stages in the creation of Universe

Greatness of Allah in the Creation of Universe

Clouds, Hail and Lightening Scientific Aspect and their Allegory with Believers

Scientific benefits of ablution

Dabbatul Arz or Artificial Intelligence

Buying land on moon

The Limitations of Most Scientists’ Knowledge