Allama In Action

WORK Janta Rasoi

The Prophet (pbuh) instructed us to feed the hungry. To follow the prophet’s path, Allama and his team regularly organize Janta Rasoi to feed the hungry passersby, travelers, and the needy.

Free Medical Camp

Free medical camps conducted by WORK under the guidance of Allama aim to provide cost-free health checkups and primary medication to the needy. Such camps are arranged on different occasions across the country.

Standing Against Caste Discrimination

Casteism is a social evil that prevents a nation from developing. It is such a terribly retrograde idea that de-values humans, fueling hostility and violence within communities. Allama organized a meet with the members of the Dalit community to mark his stance against caste-based discrimination. He strongly believes in human brotherhood and equality and promoted the same in the meet.

Invitation and Felicitation by Ramayanam Ashram

Allama Syed Abdullah Tariq was invited and felicitated by Ramayanam Ashram, Ayodhya. They discussed how we all can work together to build a better India and bring an era of truth and justice.

Eid Milan Program (2019)

On the occasion of Eid, to promote communal harmony and amity between communities, Allama organizes Eid Milan programs where he invites people from all faiths. The love and warmth of people, when they come to such programs, reflect the wonders and importance of unity and togetherness. It doubles the joy of festivities and ends the differences.

Visiting Special Kids Home with Gifts

Every child is a priceless treasure from Allah. Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ mercy and tender love for children remain unparalleled. The Quran itself lauds the innate kind-hearted nature of the Prophet.

“O Messenger of Allah! It is a great mercy of God that you are gentle and kind towards them; for, had you been harsh and hard-hearted, they would all have broken away from you” (Quran 3:159)

To reflect on the virtues of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, Allama along with the WORK Women Wing visited Special kids home and spent cheerful time with Special kids promoting the culture of compassion.

Water and Juice Distribution

During the scorching summer days, Allama and his team always try to serve water and juices to the people to give them respite from the fiery weather.

River Cleanliness Drive

Allama is aware of environmental issues. Thus, he always tries to work to preserve the environment. In such an attempt, Allama and his WORKers carried out the Kosi river cleanliness drive. They cleaned the river bank, disposed of the garbage present there, and did their share of compassion towards the environment.

Personality Development Program

As a member of Hind Bhaichara Samiti, Allama organized personality development program for students. Students were motivated and taught the importance of values and morals. 

Park Cleanliness Drive

 Community hygiene is equally important as personal hygiene. It has an aesthetic appeal and also prevents the spread of diseases. That’s why the Prophet (pbuh) emphasized that ‘‘Cleanliness is half the faith”. As a part of faith, Allama and WORKers at Rampur carried out a Park cleaning drive to enhance the look of the park and to spread awareness about cleanliness

Helping the Rickshaw pullers

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said,”Every act of kindness is Charity”. 

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was an epitome of kindness and mercy unto all mankind regardless of their color, caste, race etc. His heart ached at the suffering of others. Remembering the legacy of the Prophet (PBUH), Allama and his team helped Rickshaw puller by easing their handcart’s weight. 

Fun with Special Kids

Every child is a priceless treasure from Allah. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was very fond of kids. His mercy and love for them are unparalleled. To reflect these virtues of the Prophet (PBUH), Allama and WORK Women Wing Spent cheerful times with special kids promoting the culture of compassion.

Gifting Mufflers to the Needy

On the occasion of the birth of Jesus Christ (PBUH), Allama and his team gifted mufflers to the needy.

Peace March in support of Kashmiri Pandits

Allama has been vocal about the issue of Kashmiri pandits since the beginning. He has openly called out atrocities committed on them. He is the first Muslim to organise rallies in support of Kashmiri pandits. He has demanded their rehabilitation and resettlement. His followers and team members participated in large numbers in these marches.

Blanket Distribution Event

Youth Rights Welfare association (YRWA) invited Allama as a chief guest in an event for spreading warmth with a blanket distribution drive.

Guest of Honor at Food Distribution Event

Allama was invited as the guest of honor at the 8th food distribution event by the NGO- ‘Together For Tomorrow’ run by Mr. Sanchit Giroti and his team. Around 100 food packets were distributed at the railway station despite harsh weather conditions.

Allama Awarded with Honorary Doctorate

National Medical College, Saharanpur awarded Allama with an honorary doctorate for excellence in the field of spirituality at an International Peace Conference on the occasion of Diwali Milan. 

Awards Gallery

In his spiritual journey, Allama has been recognized, honored, awarded, and felicitated on various occasions by different organizations and individuals. Here we present a glimpse of some of the awards and mementos he received.