End times series – Dajjal, Isa (A.S), Imam Mehdi, New World Order

Beware of Paper currency

Prepare to facilitate the entry of Aakhireen

World Wars and the New World Order

Surah Kahf (99-110)

Reverse Counting of Time

The Hour — The News of a Disastrous Event 

Paper Currency – The Biggest All Time Fraud & Trump’s Victory

 Surah Kahf (01-08)

Surah Kahf (09-26) Mystery of Ashab e Kah’f

Surah Kahf (27)

Surah Kahf (28-29) “Free Will”

The Discovery of Real Dhulqarnain

Surah KAHF (29-44)

Surah Kahf (45-59)

Surah Kahf (60-82)

Surah Kahf (83-92)

The Reality of Gog & Magog (Yajuj-Majuj) Part-I

The Reality of Gog & Magog (Yajuj-Majuj) Part-II